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House Cleaning New Orleans is a local company with a bright future. Their staff provides an outstanding cleaning service for your home or business at a reasonable rate. Your home is your refuge and place of peace and solitude. You want your space to be clean and shine. This expert-level cleaning service is the assurance that your home will be as clean as possible and sparkle each and every time.

More and more women are entering the workplace. In addition to being a homemaker, the additional responsibility of a job can be overwhelming. One question you may ask yourself is “how in this world will I keep my home clean?” The answer is simple! Our service will give you the assurance that when you enter your home after a hectic and tiring day, you will be greeted with a beautifully clean environment. Our service frees up your spare time to spend with your family, going for an outing or helping your children with homework.

We offer a variety of house cleaning and commercial services. Scheduling is easy. Give us a call at (504) 563-4426  to schedule a cleaning either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can schedule a cleaning for your house or apartment at any time of the day for your convenience. Our commercial services include post construction and renovation cleaning.

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House Cleaning New Orleans
240 Wagner St.
New Orleans, LA, 70114
(504) 563-4426


Divorce Lawyer New Orleans Give Money Savings Tips!

divorceThe serious financial consequences of a divorce settlement may be hidden. Poor and depreciating investments with a budget that cannot withstand inflation can literally result in bankruptcy for both parties. These expenditures are serious compared to the cost of an attorney. Being aware of the intricacies of the divorce settlement is paramount. Make sure that you understand the financial settlement including the debt as well as the assets.

Reaching tentative agreements with you spouse will save money. The less time your attorney spends on the case, the more money you will save. Moving your divorce along faster equates to lower attorney costs for both you and your spouse. Although a marriage break-up is a traumatic event, it is in your best interest to be as amicable as possible.

Child custody and child support issues are an important issue for couples to address. Louisiana has a formula for child support. In addition to saving the stress and expense of a lengthy battle in court, if you and your spouse can agree on custody arrangements, it is so much easier for children’s adjustment. These are just a few suggestions for saving money as you proceed through the divorce process. For more information, please visit

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