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When a house is new, it is perfect. It is aligned and squared off; everything fits and moves correctly. Although you may not have made any changes to your house, you have to realize that it’s the environment that is constantly changing. Your home ages and changes over time. There are shifts in temperature, in humidity, and in general conditions. All these things affect the material that composes your home. The soil on which your house rests is changing. It may settle and become more compact, but not uniformly. Some parts may have settled more than others, creating a situation that makes the foundation of your house unbalanced. It may not seem to matter at first, but something has to give.   When the house is trying to adjust itself, you see the symptoms.

Anything uneven is an imbalance, and imbalances are never good for the foundation. So whenever you see something around your house that could lead to an imbalance of forces or imbalance of moisture, do something about it before any real damage manifests. Watch out for tree roots, that insidiously exert a force on the objects it encounters.  It is important to keep moisture, leaks, and bodies of water sealed off. Wetness affects the volume and density of the soil, as well as the sturdiness of the concrete of the foundation.

If you see any of the following conditions, please consult Al Sanchez Construction and have your foundation evaluated. Some things to look out for are cracks on the floor or the wall. Doors and windows may be misaligned,  or difficult to close. You may notice gaps between the wall and the door frame or window frame or displaced moldings. These are just a few indications of a foundation problem. Foundation repair requires an expert. Do not hesitate to contact Al Sanchez Construction. 

Al Sanchez Construction
4621 W Napoleon Avenue #106
Metairie, LA 70003

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